Network Protection secure facilities

Network Protection

Active network protection is provided by Arbor Networks. They continuously protect our network with the best security service and anti-DDoS neutralization in the industry.

Ecritel Global Security

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of all incoming traffic to detect any threats
  • Over-dimensioned network to mitigate the effects of an attack
  • Proactive and transparent service for our customers
  • Our expert Network Security Engineers bring added value to the existing security infrastructure (e.g. our Cisco Firewalls and NetScaler (reverse proxy) Load balancers)



Continuity of service and maximum visibility

of your websites

Increased level

of security

Significantly reduced outage time

in the event of an attack

Complete reporting

after an attack in order to analyze the threat

Protection and Proactive Management

of your infrastructure against known and emerging threats

secure facilities

  • Redundant Systems: N+1 and N+N for all Critical Systems (e.g. power & cooling systems), Security Equipment...
  • Access Control: Personal badges, Authorization checking...
  • Site Supervision: Video supervision, No Entry Systems, Audio-video alerts, 24/7/365 on-site presence...
  • Fire Detection: Smoke Detection Systems in every rooms, Fire alarms, Fire extinguishers...
  • Electrical Maintenance: Regular Maintenance, Monthly Simulation, Redundant Generators...